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Partyland©  (天神村) is a Hong Kong based retailed & bespoke costume store founded in 2003 by Dionne Chan & Albert Li. It was the first costume shop in Central Hong Kong. Since than the super couple has been ruling & uplifting the atmosphere in Pottinger Street, Central. The store has been recognised by several magazines like TimeOut Hong Kong, AppleDaily, etc. It has attracts not only the public media but also to the local celebrities, since than Partyland has became the essential shop to go in Central.


The stores provides costumes from superheroes to seductive outfits; also from 3 months old baby to a wild party animal, we will provide every single items and ideas to satisfy all you party monster’s need!It delivers not just high street products but also custom-made outfits, from the most updated movie to the classic genre, we have got them all in store for you. 


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